Kevin McGinley is a professional paraglider pilot who has traveled the globe in pursuit of touching the sky. His passion for cross country paragliding started in Telluride Colorado in 1996. After moving to Telluride in 1987 his love for nature has lead him several directions including skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, cycling, running, and paragliding.

In 1998 he received his Advanced Instructor and Advanced Tandem rating through Chris Santacroce at Superfly paragliding in Draper Utah point of the mountain. In the years to come Kevin found himself in Brazil chasing his cross county dreams. Not soon after France, Mexico, and Colombia. His greatest attribute from traveling is his desire to speak foreign languages, and is now fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. Paragliding now is one of the more popular sports on the planet. Kevin has become a recognized figure worldwide doing cross country paragliding tours. He incorporates flying tandem as one of the many tools to instruct how to fly effectively and safe.

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Kevin McGinley