Telluride Paragliding llc

(970) 708-4247

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the flights?
10-20 minutes

What do I wear?
Pants, windbreaker, hiking boots or running shoes

What is required from the passenger?
A 20 foot running start down the hillside to launch into the air

How old do you have to be?
We have flown passengers from 5-75 yrs young (special gear for kids)

Do you have weight restrictions?
Yes 50lbs to 215lbs(thin air at high altitudes)

Are reservations required?
Yes and booking early in your stay allows for weather rescheduling

Where do I book flights?
Contact us directly

Are we insured and permitted?
Yes, Forest service permit, Ski area permission, and ultralight insurance

What forms of payment?
Cash, credit card, or local check

Do you teach lessons?
Yes, call for more information (970) 708-4247