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We are proud to have introduced many people to paragliding and some continue on to pursue their own rating. We are a certified United States Hang gliding & Paragliding Association certified and insured school. Lessons are fun and time consuming but the reward is that you get to fly like most others can only dream of. Paragliding lessons require 7-10 days of consecutive lessons. All of the equipment is provided and when you complete your P2 rating you purchase equipment thru Telluride Paragliding. The Cost is $2500 and most instruction is one on one which allows for a more personalized approach.

Most Training session take place at the world famous Point of the Mountain in Draper, Utah. Here at lower elevation with consistent flying weather we can accomplish the most training in the shortest period of time. I camp at the training hill and teach a three hour lesson in the morning and another lesson in the evening. Mid-day is left open (when the most wind/thermals are present) to work on ground school or pursue other interests. The smooth contour of the training hill allows us to work from the bottom progressing up the hill as the student feels comfortable. Prior to your lessons you will be given a paragliding instructional book and DVD to familiarize yourself with your up coming lessons. We gradually progress from the training hill into high flights, soaring, and finally mountain flying. A $1000 deposit is required and lessons are consecutive. Telluride Paragliding is a proud dealer of Gradient and Ozone Paragliders as well as Sup-Air harnesses and reserve parachutes.

Paragliding Lessons Flying Down Mountain